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Some accidents can cause a tooth to fall right out. Fortunately, we may be able to save the tooth and put it back into place. You can help our team do this by caring for the knocked-out tooth in the following ways.

– When you hold the tooth, be sure to pick it up by the crown. Do not pick it up by the roots, as they can be damaged this way.

– You can rinse off the dirt with water. Milk can also work too.

– You can then try to place the tooth back in the socket. You should not have to force it in, so try not to put too much pressure on it. If it will not go in easily, or stay in the socket, then you may want to try another option.

– You can hold it between your gums and your cheek instead, where saliva can immerse it. You can also put it in a glass of milk and carry it to the dentist. Water can also be used, but milk may be the better choice. The important thing is to keep it moist so its chances of being saved can be increased.

If you can reach our office quickly, our dentist, Dr. Mark Jensen, may be able to save the tooth and put it back where it belongs. We are always happy to help you here at Oak Park Family Dental, which is located here in Lenexa, Kansas. If you ever need us, we can be easily reached by calling 913-492-9660.